'Till Tonight Do Us Part

Taryn. I'm 20. Buffalo area. I'm neat and I bet you are too, so we should totally be friends. You'll find this land is a mixed bag of party tricks (well mostly reblogs) relating to kick ass tv shows (and media of all forms too really! art, movies, music, books, these things are important), sociopolitical issues, and me living my life. Will be a Junior at the University at Buffalo in the fall! I'm a Biomedical Sciences major, English major, Art minor and I hope to be a Psychiatrist one day! :)



Once Upon a time I saved the Ood with Nine and then I wrote a fic about it. Meanwhile Sally Sparrow and The Master Killed Hitler, The End.

Once upon a time I crash the TARDIS with Amy Pond while wearing a fez. Meanwhile, Captain Jack Harkness and River Song were eating fish fingers and custard. The end. 

Once upon a time I crashed the TARDIS with Nine while orbiting a supernova, meanwhile Rory Pond and Rose Tyler kissed on Bad Wolf bay. The end.

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