'Till Tonight Do Us Part

Taryn. I'm 19. I'm me and I rock that. I'm pretty liberal, so that will be reflected here, fair warning. Mostly reblogs, but some bits and pieces of me. Trying to grow more aware every day. This blog will consist of fandomy posts, posts from or about creative people I like, feminist-based posts and personal stuff. Feels. Feelings. My life. (Also, college Sophomore, biomed and English major. From the Buffalo area)



Once Upon a time I saved the Ood with Nine and then I wrote a fic about it. Meanwhile Sally Sparrow and The Master Killed Hitler, The End.

Once upon a time I crash the TARDIS with Amy Pond while wearing a fez. Meanwhile, Captain Jack Harkness and River Song were eating fish fingers and custard. The end. 

Once upon a time I crashed the TARDIS with Nine while orbiting a supernova, meanwhile Rory Pond and Rose Tyler kissed on Bad Wolf bay. The end.

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